Port out of Spot Mobile ASAP –

If you are a customer of Spot Mobile, you should port your number to a new provider as soon as possible. We recommend porting to PTEL Mobile because they use the same underlying GSM network, but you can port to any carrier you like.  If you port to a non-GSM or an AT&T GSM provider, you might need to buy a new phone though.

Here is a snippet of the actual communications from Spot Mobile corporate:

Spot Mobile had a contract with an underlying carrier that matured and was going through a sale which did not materialize. The Company has made the decision to wind down its business and will no longer be processing refills. Customer’s account/services will terminate effective September 7th, 2014 at 11:59pm (EST). The information required to PORT OUT your number is your Account Number which is your telephone number and PIN/PASSWORD which is 1234.

Step by Step: Port your Spot Mobile number to PTEL Mobile

  1. Buy a $.99 PTEL SIM card from our website here: http://www.phonezip.com/prepaid/simcards/ptelmobile (Tip: you can get the SIM card for FREE if you add the PTEL plan. You also earn extra Phonezip rewards points doing this)
  2. After you receive your SIM card in the mail, port your phone number to PTEL and activate it here: https://www.ptel.com/activation  

That’s pretty much all you need to do. 

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