Phonezip now accepts Bitcoin payments for sim cards, top ups, refills, and more!

Great news for those trailblazers that have adopted cryptocurrency Bitcoin!  You can now refill /top-up your prepaid cell phone at using Bitcoin as a form of payment.  You can also buy sim cards, no-contract phones, and plans using Bitcoin as well.  At Phonezip, we believe that no-contract/prepaid cell phone users generally seek independence and anonymity.  Bitcoin matches up well with prepaid wireless in this regard, and we’re proud to offer it as an early adopter.

Check out Phonezip today, and shop for prepaid wireless products using Bitcoin:

Enjoy Phonezip!

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2 comments on “Phonezip now accepts Bitcoin payments for sim cards, top ups, refills, and more!
  1. Pedro says:

    Dont do it. I just purchased a Verizon refill card using bitcoins as my form of payment. BlockChain shows my payment sent as confirmed, but yet I cant find verizon refill pin number or find my payment I just sent. Im guessing some small print BS or something like that is going on. Not worth the hassle as phonezip does not openly tell you anything like this is going to happen.

    • phonezip says:


      I apologize for this. I was able to find your customer account this morning but it appears the order transaction did not complete and we’re looking into why this has happened. We do a lot of Bitcoin sales and most have no issues, but I do apologize that yours didn’t work out satisfactorily. I attempted to refund your transaction, but we need your Bitcoin address to which the payment should be made. Could you send an email to with that information? We will promptly refund your currency.

      Thank you, Support

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