Bring your own phone, port your number, activate prepaid service.

If you’re currently using a big-brand wireless carrier and are considering a switch to one of our budget-friendly MVNO providers using your current phone and keeping your phone number, then you’ll like how we built our website to make that transaction pretty streamlined.

Here’s are the steps to port your number and keep your phone, while activating on one of our MVNO provider plans:

  1. Type in your mobile number at the following page to see which MVNO plans are compatible with your existing carrier network:
  2. Select a plan from the list and select the type of phone you have when prompted (for example “Use my own T-Mobile Phone”).
  3. While viewing your shopping cart, click the “Port my phone number” link and fill out the form.
  4. Checkout and you’re done with all the hard work!

What happens next:

We’ll ship your SIM card to you.  When you receive, you simply login to and click the big button that says “Proceed with port and activation” from the View-Order screen.

After you click that button, we’ll initiate the actual port for you and notify you when the phone is activated (you’ll normally get a text message from the MVNO provider as well).

Note that we won’t initiate your port until after you login to Phonezip and click the “Proceed with port and activation” button.

This is by design so that you are not left without wireless service while waiting for the SIM card to arrive.  We give you control over the porting process all the way.

Enjoy Phonezip!

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