Free PTEL Sim Card offer at

*NOTE: This promotion has ended as of  6/28/14


We love Ptel Mobile, one of the best MVNO providers in the U.S. For a limited time we’ll be giving away free Ptel Mobile sim cards to any customer that activates a Ptel plan on our website.  Even the Real PayGo plans are valid with this promotion, so you could pay as little as $10 for a 200 minute Real PayGo plan from Ptel, and get the free sim card. Oh yeah, and FREE shipping is included as always!

Here is a direct link to the free Ptel Mobile sim card promo.

Don’t forget, you can bring your own T-Mobile phone!

At, just select the Ptel plan you want and choose “Use my own T-Mobile phone”. This way, you’re only buying a plan, while getting a free sim card and using your existing phone. This is a great way to try out new MVNO services without investing too much up front.

Here’s a picture of a Ptel Mobile sim card. This is what you’ll be getting for free 🙂




We hope you enjoy this deal while it lasts!


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