Page Plus Coupon Code PZPAGE

Refill your Page Plus prepaid phone at our website and use coupon code PZPAGE at checkout to get a discount.

Link to Page Plus refills:


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easyGO Wireless coupon code

We’re running a great deal right now for easyGO Wireless (from H2O).

Just hop over to and use coupon code EASYPZ to get an extra discount at checkout!

Here’s the direct link to easyGO refills on our website:

Buy easyGO refills and use coupon code EASYPZ for an extra discount!



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Port out of Spot Mobile ASAP –

If you are a customer of Spot Mobile, you should port your number to a new provider as soon as possible. We recommend porting to PTEL Mobile because they use the same underlying GSM network, but you can port to any carrier you like.  If you port to a non-GSM or an AT&T GSM provider, you might need to buy a new phone though.

Here is a snippet of the actual communications from Spot Mobile corporate:

Spot Mobile had a contract with an underlying carrier that matured and was going through a sale which did not materialize. The Company has made the decision to wind down its business and will no longer be processing refills. Customer’s account/services will terminate effective September 7th, 2014 at 11:59pm (EST). The information required to PORT OUT your number is your Account Number which is your telephone number and PIN/PASSWORD which is 1234.

Step by Step: Port your Spot Mobile number to PTEL Mobile

  1. Buy a $.99 PTEL SIM card from our website here: (Tip: you can get the SIM card for FREE if you add the PTEL plan. You also earn extra Phonezip rewards points doing this)
  2. After you receive your SIM card in the mail, port your phone number to PTEL and activate it here:  

That’s pretty much all you need to do. 

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Phonezip Points Program just launched. Earn points on every purchase.

We’re very proud to introduce the new Phonezip Points Program.   With this program,  you can earn points towards future purchases on our website,

The way it works is pretty straightforward.  Just start shopping at and check out.  You’ll earn points on every qualifying product in your cart.  This is a  great way to get extra discounts on your monthly airtime refills for your prepaid plan.  Since we already bake in discounts to airtime, you’re essentially getting two levels of discounts when you apply points earned towards your purchases.

To kick off the Phonezip Points Program, we’re giving an extra 100 points to any SIM card + plus plan combo.  For example, if you buy a PTEL Mobile SIM card with $40 unlimited plan activation, you earn 40 points (plan) + 1 point (sim card)  + 100 points (bonus) = 141 total points!

Every time you re-up/top up your phone, you’re earning points which you can use towards the  next month’s refill.  

TIP:  If you’re already a customer of Phonezip, we’ve been secretly awarding points to your purchases going back to  April 1st 2014.  So, you may have points sitting in your Phonezip account that you can use right now!  Login to your Phonezip account to see if you have points.

Enjoy Phonezip!


Here’s a screen shot of what the shopping cart looks like with Points being awarded:


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Phonezip now accepts Bitcoin payments for sim cards, top ups, refills, and more!

Great news for those trailblazers that have adopted cryptocurrency Bitcoin!  You can now refill /top-up your prepaid cell phone at using Bitcoin as a form of payment.  You can also buy sim cards, no-contract phones, and plans using Bitcoin as well.  At Phonezip, we believe that no-contract/prepaid cell phone users generally seek independence and anonymity.  Bitcoin matches up well with prepaid wireless in this regard, and we’re proud to offer it as an early adopter.

Check out Phonezip today, and shop for prepaid wireless products using Bitcoin:

Enjoy Phonezip!

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Simplexity files Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Delaware – It’s official

There’s been a lot of chatter on the web among the mobile community and bloggers that Wirefly and it’s parent Simplexity were filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  It looks like they’ve officially filed for Chapter 11 in the Court of Delaware. Here’s  a link to the Delaware bankruptcy court web page:

They apparently filed on March 16, 2014.  

We’ll be following this and update you as we get more information.  We would like to know what caused the bankruptcy filing. Was it purely economics?  Or, did one of their remaining 3 major carriers (Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile) pull the plug on the authorized dealer program?  

Whatever the case may be, it sure was unusual to have a site that powered the likes of, TigerDirect, and NewEgg suddenly shut down without any warning.


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Wirefly and Simplexity bite the dust

We received word on March 12 directly from our contacts at Simplexity that they’re done for good.  There was no warning or notice given, and our source tells us that employees found out at 10AM and had to pack up and leave immediately.  

Simplexity, the owner of the Wirefly brand, has been running online contract-wireless-phone deals since 2007 (when it was created out of the Inphonic Ch. 11 bankruptcy).  

Needless to say, if you read our website at, you’ll notice how much we don’t like contracts.  It seems lots of others agree, and it has killed the contract phone business for the top online dealer in Wirefly and Simplexity.  

The venture capital group behind Simplexity is Versa Capital Management (  



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